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Concerning Courses on Small Area Estimation (COSAE) and related topics, the basic idea is carry out simultaneously two activities (midday for each activity): First one is that young (approximately between 25 and 35 years of age) researchers all having an unpublished paper on small area estimation, can meet for about one week, present their material, discuss it with others and with a handful of specially invited senior experts in the field, and finally prepare a paper to be considered for inclusion in an international journal. Second one is that young researchers assist to a course given by the invited senior experts. Disregarding the senior experts, no one else can participate more than once in his or her lifetime. Participation in a COSAE should be regarded as a considerable honour. In other words, the main objective of a COSAE is to give a limited number of carefully selected representatives of the next generation a unique opportunity for establishing a personal network and for addressing an international audience and thus to create new research groups around the topic chosen.