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     Small Area Estimation (SAE) techniques are becoming a matter of great interest for a variety of European people, including statisticians, researchers and other experts of universities, national statistical institutes, research institutes, governmental bodies, local authorities and private enterprises dealing with research methodology, empirical research and statistics production for regional areas and other population subgroups.

     In the European framework there exist an increasing interest on the methodologies and applications of the small area inference techniques. The need to coordinate research efforts and interchange experiences all around Europe were some of the reasons why in the SAE 2007 conference (3-5 September 2007, Pisa - Italy) it was decided to create the European Working Group on Small Area Estimation (EWORSAE).

     The purpose of EWORSAE is to build and maintain a network of researchers and statisticians in the particular field of SAE. The working group is open to any people worldwide working in SAE. Their main activities are the organization of SAE conferences, workshops, courses and the preparation of common project proposals. The working group may be also the focus of internal mobility within EWORSAE.