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European Working Group on Small Area Estimation


The purpose of the European Working Group on Small Area Estimation (EWORSAE) is to build and maintain a network of researchers and statisticians in the field of Small Area Estimation (SAE). The working group is open to any people working in SAE. Their main activities include the organization of SAE conferences, workshops, courses and the preparation of common project proposals. The working group may also facilitate internal mobility between EWORSAE member institutions.

In order to manage its activities EWORSAE has a basic organization with a Council, several Committees and National Groups, a President, an Elected President, a Secretary, a Webmaster and any other decided by the Council


The Council has overall control of the management of the working group. Each European country has at most two members in the Council, one belonging to an academic or research institution and the other to a Statistical Office. The Council consists of the President, the elected President and the ordinary members. Ordinary members of the Council are nominated and elected by their respective National Groups for two consecutive periods between SAE conferences (4 years, approximately).

An ordinary Council meeting is held at each SAE conference. SAE conferences take place bi-annually. At the ordinary meeting, each European country introduces a new representative, who will take the place of a leaving member. The two representatives each country has are replaced in an alternating fashion.

An extraordinary meeting of the Council will be held if at least 8 of its ordinary members ask for it.

The Council may take decisions by using telecommunication devices or internet.


Several Committees (for example: methodology, education, Public Statistics and others) can be created by the Council. Committees are advisory boards on topics of interest and activate the realization of joint initiatives.

National Groups

National Groups are formed by the members of EWORSAE from a common European country. They can have their own organization, and nominate or elect their representatives in the Council.


The president is member of the Council, chairs its meetings and coordinates its decision making. The president is responsible for the management of EWORSAE and nominates the secretary among the ordinary members of the Council. In each ordinary meeting a president is elected by the Council among the nominated candidates. Candidates to the presidency are nominated among the EWORSAE members with the support of 8 ordinary Council members. Since a president is elected he/she belongs to the Council, as Elected President during a first period and as President for a second period. No person can be elected as president for two consecutive periods. The periods are of approximately two years between two consecutive SAE conferences.


The secretary is nominated by the president for the period of its presidency (approximately two years) among the ordinary members of the Council. The Secretary is responsible to write down and save the agreements of the Council.

The Webmaster
The Webmaster is appointed by the Council and is responsible for the webpage and E-mail distribution list of EWORSAE.

Additional regulations

The Council should be completed before the SAE 2009 conference. The first president of EWORSAE will be elected at the first ordinary meeting of the Council. The present regulations may be modified by the Council by simple majority agreement.